Innovative online marketing for an ecommerce world

Search & position

strategySelling products online is both simple and complex at the same time. On the one hand you might think that it’s simply a matter of uploading a product listing and as much as it is about having that listing, it is also about all the optimization strategies that are required to make that listing count. Our years of experience working with online marketing strategies has a proven track record. Right from the early days of search engine optimization, through to the latest eCommerce selling strategies for Amazon and Ebay. We know what works and how to get products sold.

product sourcing

solutionsSelling online requires finding the right products to sell. We have proven methods of doing market research that enables us to find the best products to sell online, and to use the best product marketing strategy we can devise. Whether you are approaching us with an existing product which you wish to market, or if you have an idea of products that you want to develop and sell, our global connections provide us with the ability to source anything from the global marketplace and manufacturers all over the world.

social media

outreachWith the proliferation of social networking came a new form of conversation and marketing. Services such as Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest are all new mechanisms which must be mastered in order to develop a brand and product line effectively. Our team has built up this expertise since the inception of social networking, having started in the online marketing field long before these sites even existed. The phenomenon of social media cannot be ignored as it is just as important now as traditional TV advertising.