A few words about us


Our Mission

It is our vision to develop high quality innovative products that provide value and deliver exceptional customer service throughout Europe and Asia. Our fun inquisitive attitude prides itself in sourcing great new products that our customers love. We are at the forefront of the next wave of the eCommerce revolution and have gained a reputation for ourselves as the as the European experts that over delivers.

As the world embraces online commerce even more in the next few decades, we are aiming to be on the forefront of new marketing technologies and sales strategies which depend on the intricate structure of the digital world. With each new platform and distribution channel that launches, we seek for the advantages of using it, and incorporate it into our strategic offering, if it makes sense. Our knowledge of what combinations of tools works for what types of products, is the key to massive sales. We hope you’ll join us in this mission and together we can create new exciting products, sell your existing ones to bigger audiences, become a centre of innovation for selling products online in the 21st century.

  We’ve worked with the Atoll team to increase our sales of various products which we had not thought would sell online. Their expertise delivered us a whole new revenue stream that now accounts for 20% of our entire company revenue. It’s unbelievable what you can do online, if you don’t have the knowledge and you want to make your product sell online, these guys know how to get you there.
Jeffrey Kloch

Team Atoll

Robert Lewis
Robert Lewis
Robert excels at developing and sourcing innovative new products that solve a myriad of consumer needs
Liz Lewis
Liz Lewis
Throughout her career Liz has specialized in Quality Assurance, Procurement, Logistics and Management systems in both